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The Answer To Jealousy Part 5 (Levi x Reader x Crush)

~No one's pov since sick Levi is sleeping~

_______ left Levi's office and quietly closed the door behind her. She took a deep breath. (Crush) walked towards her with a soft expression, "_______..." ______ turned around and smiled weakly at him.

"(Crush), what's up?" _______ asked. "Today's, um. Today has been a mess hasn't it?" He answered softly. _____ nodded with a sad expression, although she perked up.

"C'mon (Crush). This isn't like you to act so gloomy!" _____ pounced on him and rubbed his (H/C) hair. He playfully pushed her off, but she attacked him again. She tried reaching for his head, but he was slightly taller than her. He pushed her head away with his hand, and laughed.

"Aw, (Nickname) knock it off." He laughed. "Ha ha, not 'till you brighten up!" She answered. "Okay, okay. Let's not wake up grumpy face." (Crush) said. "He isn't that grumpy all the time." She answered.

"Ya right! Do you see how straight forward and stiff he is! He can't ever relax!" (Crush) joked. "No, no. Don't talk about your captain like that." _____ added.

They laughed and walked down the hall.

(Girl Rival) came rushing up to (Crush). "(Crush)~!" She cooed. She pounced onto him and purred against him, "I was so scared during that expedition. Thank you for protecting me~!"

(Crush) glanced at _______, and ______ pretended to vomit. He laughed amusingly at her action. "What's so funny?" (Girl Rival) asked. "Nothing." ______ hummed. (Girl Rival) glared at ______ and ______ just looked away trying to contain her laughter.

"Look, (Girl Rival) me and _______ are busy at the moment." (Crush) tried to tell her off, but he is just not good with breaking girl's hearts. "Aw, I'm sure ______ doesn't mind that I come along. Right ______?" She turned to ______ with a devil stare.

______ rolled her eyes, "Whatever. I don't care." "Yay! C'mon (Crush)! Where are we going?" She clung onto (Crush)'s arm and dragged him along. He turned to _______ and mouthed, "Help me."

_______ giggled and shrugged while following behind them.

The three of them were outside in the courtyard chilling in the grass. (Girl Rival) started to get so close with (Crush), while (Crush) was starting to feel uncomfortable. He wanted to tell her to bug off, but he just didn't have the heart to do it.

"I have an idea!" _____ blurted out, "Let's play hide and seek." "Hide and seek?! What are you? Three years old?" (Girl Rival) laughed. "I think it is a great idea." (Crush) spoke up to defend her.

"Okay, (Girl Rival) is it!" _____ shouted and ran away. (Crush) followed not far behind her while (Girl Rival) growled; counting to thirty.

"Why are we playing this?" (Crush) asked _______. "You seemed uncomfortable near her. So I decided to find your way out." She answered with a smile on her face. "Ha, thanks." He and ______ high fixed each other.

The two ran into the building looking for hiding spots. The two entered a random room and hid in a walk in closet. Of course, since the two are 'old' the two had to squish together.

There were pile of boxes and paper everywhere. "Geez, who works here?" (Crush) cursed. "Your childhood." ______ giggled. (Crush) glared at her, but laughed, "Ha ha, very funny."

When the two were kids, (Crush) would always pile boxes together and scatter paper everywhere. (Crush) is always messy somehow.

"Dammit, this won't fit both of us." (Crush) mumbled, "You know what? Sit down. I'll fix this." _____ crouched in one corner while (Crush) tried to fix the scattered boxes.

"(Crush)-kun! I'm coming for you!" (Girl Rival) shouted through the hallway.

He banged his head on a top shelve. A box filed with paperwork was about to fall on ______. "______!" (Crush) shouted.

The box fell, but not on ______. (Crush) was kneeling in front of ______ very close, his right arm on the left side of ______'s face while the left was on her right side of her face. He was looking down with his (H/C) hair shading his eyes.

"(C-Crush)." ______ whispered. His eyes were clenched closed, but opened up, and smiled warmly down at her. His (E/C) sparkled with happiness. "A-Are you okay?" ______ asked. "This is nothing." (Crush) reassured her.

The two were blushing at the position they were in. Their face's inches away from touching. _____ started to feel heat radiating out of her body.

Suddenly the closet door opened.
Damn, cliffhanger. :icontaigacraiplz:

Who opened the door? Author-chan did! Just kidding. I feel lazy today, so don't be rough on the critic. :icononiontortureplz:

FEEDBACK! YOU GIVE ME FEEDBACK I GIVE YOU COOKIE! Virtual cookie since every time I smash a cookie to the screen it breaks.

So yea. I don't own anything. I do not own Levi, or you or your secret crush, or your love rival. I am broke. I have no money which means I am poor. I am too poor to own anything, but this story line.

Love all the way from London, England. :iconbaibaiplz:
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Kitteh19 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
If its Levi: OoO
if it's Keely ( rival ): t(-.-t)
KatzilaHinamru Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
OH GOD WHY SweetSugarLime France (Crying) [V3]  ? WHY????????? PLS CONTINUE THIS PPLLEEEAASSEEE... I BEG OF YOU France (Begging to England) [V3] 
DolceMari Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist
Where's part 6? o.0
SweetSugarLime Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Oh something happened with the titles for 6 and 7, so they got mixed up. Here is the link to Chapter 6,…

Sorry for the trouble. :iconshizukuotlplz
Yuuki332 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wonder who opened the door lol
nixdex Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

The beauty of being an author... Cliffhangers. The curse of being a reader... Cliffhangers. You little devil! 

Love your story :3

SweetSugarLime Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
Ha ha well said. Thanks for the positive feedback! :iconrenarikaspinplz: Here is your virtual cookie! Eat that chocolate chip cookie 
Sweetlikealollipop Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
The story is great! Damn cliffhangers! I love it so much! Update soon!
SweetSugarLime Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
Thanks, I'll update soon. :iconyuitwirlplz: I'm not sure if I can update it now. Here is a hug, :iconslowhugplz: And here is your cookie, Eat that chocolate chip cookie 
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