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Summer Gathering Preview
(Bell Family)

“This is crazy.”

This is crazy?” Anna snorted, “You clearly never met us.”

“Hey! Don’t bully my Alex!” Jack screeched.

“Get off of me you freak!”

Seven pairs of feet, dressed in old navy flip flops, came to a halting stop at a cliff. Not just any cliff, a large cliff, a high cliff, a cliff that can make a grown man piss themselves in fear.

Nathan, Mitch, Cameron, Jack, Della, Anna, and Alex peered over the edge in anticipation, fear, and regret.

“Alright, listen up, losers!” Mitch screamed loudly as he climbed onto a flat rock behind them, “Today, we will achieve victory! We will jump off Piss Cliff with our heads held high and our swimsuits wedged all the way up our asses!”

“Yeah!” Nathan and Jack cheered.

“We will conquer this cliff and we will become men!”

“Yes! Preach it!” They cried out as the others just watched in confusion embarrassment.

“Alright! Let’s go jump as a family!” Mitch finished, leaving Jack and Nathan cheering like their lives were on the line.

Mitch walked over to the edge and peered over, he was struck silent at the nauseous height between his feet and the cool water. He suddenly started to regret the idea. Completely.

Mitch has done some messed up shit in his time, but this was probably one of the most stupidest idea he has ever had.

“Who’s gonna go first?” Alex asked and there was silence.

“Obviously, Mitch is going first. He is our leader we—!” Before Jack could finish, Mitch was already heading in the other direction, “Yeah, good luck with that guys!”

Cameron was quick to grab his brother before he could disappear, “You can’t run, Mitch. You came up with this idea and dragged all of us along promising five bucks to each and everyone of us.”

Mitch licked his lips, “Yeah, well I change my mind.”

“No way, you little shit!” Anna shoved Mitch towards the edge, “We walked all the way up here and the only way to get down is through there.”

Anna was obviously someone you didn’t want to mess with. She’s two years younger than him, and she isn’t afraid to call him a little shit. In fact, Mitch admits that she’s intense, and she scares everyone if you get on her bad side.

Maybe inviting Anna was a bad idea.

“Guys, let’s talk about this.” Mitch laughed nervously, “I was kidding. I didn’t think you would all go through with it.”

“Wait—! Do you guys hear that?” Anna looked surprised, and then she smirked, “I hear a chicken.”

Della snickered and Nathan held back a laugh.

Mitch snapped a glare at Nathan and he just shrugged, “Sorry, man.”

“I’ll jump, but to make things more interesting… L-Let’s play a game! A game, yeah!” Mitch quickly moved away from the edge.

Della raised a brow, “What kind of game?”

Mitch was lost in thought, and then he smiled deviously; he knew the perfect plan.

Minutes later, all seven of them were gathered around a mountain of dirt that was supporting a stick.

“Are you serious?” Nathan asked, a little surprised Mitch wanted to play a game that he absolutely sucked at since he was five.

“Come on, losers, or are you guys the chickens now? Scared you’ll loose?” Mitch mocked.

That was when Anna kicked a whole section of the mountain away and Mitch was struck silent, “Alright you chicken shit, your turn.”

There was literally nothing left to keep the stick up if Mitch were to take a section of it off, “… Fuck.”

“What? You forfeit?” Anna smirked.


Della crossed her arms across her chest with a smug smile, “Oh, and remember the rules, Mitch? If you forfeit, you have to jump off the cliff… naked.”

His eyes widened, why were they all picking on him? What did he do wrong?

“Hey Anna, sing it… Come on, sing Let it Go. I know you want to.”

“Anna, give me forty bucks, and I won’t leak this photo of you going through an embarrassing Twilight stage.”

“Looking nice, Della. I like what you did to your face, the flour really suits you. Smile for the camera!”

Mitch swallowed non-existent saliva as he began to sweat. He was beginning to take back everything he has ever done to the two girls, “Can’t we all just be friends?”

It wasn’t long for Mitch to be standing on the edge of the cliff holding his swimming shorts against his crotch. He was butt naked, and he could hear Nathan taking a photo.

He scowled, “Nathan, I swear.”

“Don’t worry, bro. I’m just going to send it to your ex-girlfriend. I’m sure she will enjoy this.” Nathan assured him, which wasn’t really that assuring at all.

“Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!” They hollered loudly.

The worst part was, where Mitch was going to land, was where the cottage was. He was going to jump off the cliff completely nude, and probably loose his clothes in he process of falling. Everyone was down there, on the patio, waiting for one of them to jump.

His mom was down there and his dad—!

“You’ll be coming down that hill with your tail between your legs and shit pouring out of your trunks, kid.”

That was what his father told him before the seven took off for the cliff.

His old man wasn’t going to get the best of him. He was going to jump off Piss Cliff proudly, like a man, and prove to his old man that he wasn’t a chicken shit. And what else is the best way to prove it by doing it nude.

“Lets do this.” Mitch tossed his trunks aside and their cheering stopped.

“Don’t you want your clothes?” Cameron has a concerned expression on his face. He knew very well that Mitch wasn’t exactly the very sane person among them.

Mitch convinced Cameron to play hockey without a damn helmet, what the absolute fuck?

He was dumb enough to listen, and after that, he never took advice from that fucker again.

“Holy shit, chicken shit is jumping off nude and he isn’t bringing his clothes with him!” Anna laughed, “This is insane.”

“I really think you should work on your squats, Mitch. Your ass looks flabby.” Nathan stated, and Della laughed, “Stop looking at his ass, you boob.”

“God, cover up.” Alex ground and Jack was quick to cover his sixteen year old eyes, “Don’t look Alex! It’ll scar you!”

“Get off of me!” Alex struggled to push Jack off of him, “I don’t want to be apart of your sick incest fantasies!”

“Are you sure about this?” Cameron asked a final time.

“Yes. I’m going to show that old man who he’s messing with!” Mitch stated loudly. With hesitation Cameron started the countdown and everyone joined in.

“5!” Jack took Alex into a bone cursing hug.

“4!” Della climbed onto Nathan’s back and he gave her a piggyback ride.

“3!” Anna was taking multiple photos with her camera.

“2!” Cameron bit his lip back, concerned for his brothers safety.

“1!” Mitch spread his arms wide and he jumped. He flew for about two seconds like a majestic nude eagle, before he began free falling straight towards the water.

He was screaming as he was falling, he grabbed his cock to protect it from the pain he was about to receive, with a screech that sounded like it came from a cliche horror movie he collided with the water.

There was a girlish squeal, and then there was a splat. It sounded like a fly being squatted; instant death.

The remaining six peered over the cliff cautiously.

“You think he’s alive?” Della asked.

“I think so—!” A body submerged, “Oh nope, there he is.”

“Is he dead?” Anna frowned.

“Probably.” Jack nodded.

“It’s a pity.” Nathan shrugged, “He was a great sacrifice.”

“You guys want ice-cream?” Alex spoke up and there was a few nods and agreements. They all began to make their way down the cliff; using the safe way.

“I can’t believe he actually jumped.” Anna laughed, “Man, he’s such a chicken.”

“You do scare him.” Della reasoned as she stayed glued on her brothers back.

“Yeah, that’s why he’s such a chicken shit.”

Actually, Anna, everyone is scared of you.” Nathan chuckled.

“What?” Anna screamed, “Is that why the cute guy at the hot dog stand never called me back?”

“No, he just didn’t like you.” Jack shrugged.

Cameron picked up his brothers remains and carried it all the way down the cliff towards the ice-cream parlour a few miles down by the beach.
Summer Gathering Preview
Yeah. So this is to kick off my Bell Family series. If you find it interesting, please be my guest and leave a favourite, comment, and that such. This is a preview, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Character information is in the folder labelled, the Bell Family. So anyway, for now, I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you all later.

The characters do belong to me for once. 

Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) 
Hmmm, I'm holding a survey. Which story should I update? Choose from any of the many stories I am due to update. The story with the most votes win. Survey ends: March 1st, 2016
Chapter 1 - Believe

There was tension in the air as I sat next to my husband. My heart was pounding as I struggled to keep it down. Taking small breaths to ease myself, even if I knew that it wasn’t helping.

Subaru was concentrated in driving. He hasn’t spoken a word since he forced me into the car and locked the doors, preventing me from throw it open and diving out.

At least he knows how I think.

I let out a strangled breath as I glanced over out the window.

We were currently going to our new house. We got married after all, newlyweds living with the grooms’ shameless brothers wasn’t an option for him. So instead, we got our own house not far from theirs.

I only seen it once. Surrounded by trees and there was a river somewhere behind the building, I think I walked down the path before; not sure.

My memory has been a little hazy after the events that occurred on my wedding day. I shook my head, no. I don’t want to remember.

The car came to a stop and Subaru stepped out, I followed after him. I was greeted with the familiar large building; right it wasn’t a house. It was a manse.

I was silent as he began to pull out all the boxes and luggages.

Should I help him?

He gave me a sharp look, “Are you going to help?”

I jumped at the sudden glare, and I scampered by his side to assist him. We didn’t pack much, all of our furniture and such were already inside the manse.

I pulled my luggage out of the trunk; it contained the rest of my clothes that I forgot to pack. He shut the trunk of the car and advanced towards our new beloved home without me.

I looked over my shoulder, I could run right now. Although, the last time that happened, it ended with me being his water bottle. Maybe if I made a run for it now, he wouldn’t notice it. It could work.

“Go ahead.”

My attention was turned back to him. His back was to me as he stood in place a few meters away.

“Run for it. You won’t get far without a bear mauling you or a wolf tearing you to shreds. It’ll be easier to track you down, I’ll just follow the scent of your blood.” His voice was filled with cold emotion and it ran shivers down my spine.

“I-I’m not that dumb.” I retorted stubbornly as I hurried past him, “I wasn’t going to do it anyway. I don’t plan to be eaten just yet.”

This is what our relationship had become. Ever since our wedding day, we distanced ourselves from each other. Unlike Bella and Edward, we don’t have that lustful relationship between human and vampire.

Not that I enjoyed Twilight anyway…

I walked around the giant fountain in the middle of the front yard and stalked right up to the door. I stood by the front door and waited for him.

To be honest, this mental distance is pathetic and lonely.

We used to be so close, I thought I understood him. I guess he was more complex than I thought. That silver hair, and those red eyes, he was undeniably handsome; but appearances can deceive the eye.

I looked away as he pulled out the keys and opened the front door. The beautifully polished dark oak wooden doors were pushed open, and the interior design was more luxurious than I remembered.

The chandelier flickered on, as it illuminated the lobby. The white marble floor and the Cinderella stairs cases that led to the second floor worked perfect for that elegant and sophisticated vibe.

We got such a big house for only two people, it’s not that bad. It gives us less of possibility of interaction. It’s funny, because before, I would feel conflicted about all this space.

Back then I wanted us to be close, looking back, I looked pathetic. I bet he thought it too.

My eyes stared at the back of his head as I followed him into the large recreation room, or in other words, the living room.

“You remember the place right?”

I nodded, “Yeah, slightly.”

Lies. I just don’t want to look pathetic in front of him.

“Good, then I don’t need to show you around.”

I furrowed my brows, as he walked off. I watched him leave, and I let out a sigh. This wasn’t what I imagined it to be. We were supposed to be happy with each other.

If what he said during the after party for the wedding was true…

“I didn’t kill your parents. I wouldn’t kill them… not after everything they have done for me.”

Why is he pacing himself away from me? Maybe it’s because I know his secret now, that he was a blood sucking vampire.

I shook my head, “Ugh… forget it ______. You have bigger problems.”

Searching my surroundings, “Where is the bathroom on this floor?”

Leaving my suitcase behind, my journey for the bathroom on the first floor began. Opening multiple doors, peeking my head in, and closing it in defeat.

By the 20th door I grabbed my hair, “I don’t remember this place having so many doors! Ugh!”

I trudged down the corridor with slouched shoulders as I returned to the living room.

When I got there, it just made me more agitated. “Where the heck is my luggage?”

I swore I left it next to the couch, did Subaru take it?

No way, why would he take it? The guy has a heart of stone now, he isn’t the type to just take my luggage and unpack it for me… right?

Besides if he took my luggage he would see that lingerie my friends bought for me for our wedding night. I stood there frozen. The lingerie. Subaru.

I would die from embarrassment if he saw it!

I took a bolt back to the lobby and up the stairs. He doesn’t have my luggage! It’s impossible! He has a heart of stone! Oh please say he doesn’t have my luggage!

I mentally begged as I zoomed through the hallway in search for him, “Subaru! Subaru!”

I came to a slow stop at a pair of large bedroom doors. I heard shuffling on the other side, but I had no visual to what was happening.

One of the doors were already crack slightly opened, and hesitantly I opened it.

Opening the door, I found a large bed in front of me.

Could this… be our bedroom?

My (Favourite Colour) luggage was on the bed, unopened. Subaru was also in the room, but he was sitting on top of the drawers, looking out the large rectangular window.

I stood there as I took the sight in.

His silver hair shone as the natural moonlight poured over his features. His red eyes were focused elsewhere and he looked so distant; like he wasn’t actually there.

My heart thumped at the sight.

My mind began to race.

What if he really didn’t kill my parents that night?

What if he was just there at the wrong place wrong time?

Subaru had no reason to kill them. My parents haven’t been anything but kind to him. It drove him to the point where he got flustered a bit. My parents liked him too.

Seconds passed, and he noticed my presence. His eyes landed on me, and I felt nervous under his gaze. His blood red eyes stared into my (Eye Colour) ones.

“D-Don’t stare at me like that.” I muttered as I adverted my gaze.

I stepped into the room and approached my suitcase, “Did you take my suitcase?”

“Who else would take it?” He snapped.

“W-Well, you don’t need to be so rude about it! I was just asking?”
“What else is in there? It’s heavy. Do you have your whole house in there?”

“No! It’s just my clothes!”

“Tch, whatever.” He scoffed and jumped off the dresser.

Ugh! He is so rude! I felt my blood boil. If he thinks he can get away with it, no way!

I grabbed his arm without thinking.

“What the hell are you doing?” He glared at me.

“You are so rude, you know that? You haven’t said anything nice to me since we got here. We haven’t even held a proper conversation.”

My heart pounded as I began to pour everything that I have been holding in.

His eyebrow twitched as I ranted.

“Why… Why are you pacing yourself from me when you claim you’re innocent?”

I let go of his arm and I dropped my gaze to the floor.

“If you are innocent… assure me you are, because I’m scared to let my guard down around you. I don’t want to be scared of you, because there was a time where I loved you right?”

I’ll believe you, Subaru. I’ll believe you are innocent, if you weren’t… wouldn’t you have killed me already?

I stood there quietly, until Subaru gripped my wrist and yanked me forward, “You want me to assure you?”

He lifted my chin up and I looked up at him in confusion. He had some glint in his eyes as he pulled me closer. His warmth enveloped me, and it was different from the last time. It wasn’t harsh and cold, it felt safe…

A second later, his lips were on mine, and it was blissful feeling that made me realize just how much I was longing for it even after what happened.

I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the moment. Where our relationship was heading, there was no way something like this would happen again more than once.

When he pulled away he leaned down and whispered, “Would a killer tell you, I love you?”

My eyes widened as I was brought into a warm embrace.
Subaru x Reader - Chapter 1 - Believe
So this is it. I am back. Chapter 1. I feel like this is a horrible chapter. Aw...

I will be updating this and other stories. My absence shall not be tolerated. I am so sorry about that.

Subaru Sakamaki DOES NOT belong to me, he belongs to his respective over and/or owners.
The picture DOES NOT belong to me, it belongs to its rightful owner.
You DO NOT belong to be either. 

So... okay. I think this is where I leave. I am sorry about my disappearance, those Sakamaki brothers kidnapped me from my home and are threatening me to finish this story, so do not worry. 

Next chapter.... hopefully will be coming soon. Still unsure about this series.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed. Comment, favourite, etc. I will never leave again if you do. And I'll see you all later.
So I made a beautiful schedule for when I post stories/chapters. Put suggestions on my schedule. For example, give me a story I should work on, which day, and give me valid reason. I may just update your story faster.

Monday - Vacant

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If you are leaving a request please fill in the following below:


You can fill this in the comment box or leave me a note! Anyway have a nice day! :iconsatoshiwaveplz:


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Nothing really to know.

I write stories.

I don't update frequently because school life wants to screw with me. I am sorry for late delays; I am not dead, hopefully.

The end.

Thanks... er... for visiting my page. :iconslowhugplz:…

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